Welcome to RCCG OHP children department where we help our children to trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour, to submit to Him, and to live as Christians at home, school, playground or wherever they are, and to grow from being self-centred to becoming Christ-center, focusing on others rather than on themselves.

We fill our children’s minds with the word of God, so they can grow to think the way God thinks (wisdom) and live in commandment & in obedience of God, to enable our children to have godly living as a lifestyle.

You are specially invited to OHP children department, to be part of our community of love, to enjoy life together as a family and be committed to each other and to Jesus Christ



Community | Family | One

Open Heavens is a place where people of all race, cultural background and gender not only share but find the love of God, breakthrough, miracles, restoration and peace of mind. Destiny and lost hope are restored through the power of the Almighty God.



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At OHP we are exploring the truth of our creation as an original love of God. Make it a day and join other originals to celebrate and discover the CREATOR God and the beauty in you.