The Sunday school department of Open Heavens Parish is the primary disciple-making ministry within our parish. It helps members to grow in the knowledge and grace of God through regular and balanced studies of the scriptures.

Our Sunday school includes:

Ø  An environment of true Christian fellowship

Ø  A meaningful interaction with the Word of God

Ø  Glorification of God by pointing members to worship and reaching out to the lost souls.

Some key factors that enhance our Sunday school are:

Ø  Spirit-filled Workers

Ø  Bible-based real life teachings

Ø  People-centered lessons

Ø  Christ-motivated fellowship

We meet every Sunday morning by 9:50 am & we hope to see you there.



Community | Family | One

Open Heavens is a place where people of all race, cultural background and gender not only share but find the love of God, breakthrough, miracles, restoration and peace of mind. Destiny and lost hope are restored through the power of the Almighty God.



Compassion | Connection | Giving

At OHP we are exploring the truth of our creation as an original love of God. Make it a day and join other originals to celebrate and discover the CREATOR God and the beauty in you.